Friday, November 11, 2011

Virtua Dojo Poll Results - Generally when you lose in VF what are your thoughts?

(Bet you can't figure out what the answer is.)

Some time ago I asked when you lost in VF what your general reaction was.

45 of you answered and the majority of the vote showed that most of you wanted rematches immediately after a defeat. 21 of you also said that you learned from mistakes and errors in the matches and surprisingly no one blamed spam or pad/sticks for their loses. Hit the jump for the actual statistics.

It was because of lag/latency.
1 (2%)

The other player spammed too much.
0 (0%)

My arcade stick/pad was acting up.
0 (0%)

The other player was better that time.
8 (17%)

I made some mistakes but I can learn/improve next round.
21 (46%)

Give me a damn rematch!
22 (48%)

That was fun.
5 (11%)

This guy sucks and I'm clearly better than he/she is.
1 (2%)

3 (6%)

Votes in total: 45

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