Friday, November 11, 2011

Final Showdown Ver.A Rev.1 Location Test and Information

Starting on November 8th, Version A Revision 1 of Final Showdown will be on test at Ikebukero GIGO, Club Sega Akihabara, and Club Sega Nishi-Shinjuku until the official release of the game. For now the new update doesn't seem to be another major revision as much as it is balancing things and adding more items for customization. Oh and new costumes! Don't quote me on it though. Hit the jump to read the changes to the game found by VFDC.

[Source: VFDC]

Changes to the game system confirmed by VFDC
The advantages on throw escape after the following throws have been made consistent. The frames shown below are before/after the update.

Right side throw -3/+2

63214P+G -3/-6
Back to full wall, 66P+G -3/-6
Back to half wall, 66P+G -3/-6
Left side throw -3/+2
Right side throw -3/+2
Left side throw 64 or 46P+G -3/+2
Right side throw 64 or 46P+G -3/+2
3P+G -3/-6

P+G -3/-6
Left side throw -6/+2

* Side tech roll bonus has been removed. This was a technique where the opponent could not block your attack during specific situations.

About Items
No new items will be added during the location test, but they will be added once the game is officially in operation.

According to Kamaage at the VF Dojo, not only have items been added, but new costumes as well!

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