Friday, December 16, 2011

Virtua Dojo Poll Results - If you had to see a VF crossover game who would you want it to be with?

Well this was no big surprise. This month I asked "If you had to see VF crossover with another series which would it be?" and 49 of you answered. The majority of you would like to see a Virtua Fighter vs Tekken game. However, there was also some pretty high numbers for Dead or Alive and King of Fighters as well. Interesting choices if I do say so myself. After Street Fighter x Tekken who knows what may happen! For now I'll keep anticipating VF5FS.

Street Fighter
5 (10%)

25 (51%)

King of Fighters
15 (30%)

Dead or Alive
17 (34%)

Guilty Gear/BlazBlue
7 (14%)

Mortal Kombat
3 (6%)

0 (0%)

Total Votes: 49

1 comment:

  1. Let's see a Virtua Fighter/Soul Calibur crossover! The V.R. fighters are good with their bare hands, but let's see what they can do when they pick up a weapon.


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