Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VF5 Final Showdown details in pamphlet?

Reno has taken the time to translate a fax given to arcade operators that detailed new info on Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Below is the translation...

1. The game system gets revised!
The base game system of Virtua Fighter gets a dramatic change, to give our dedicated players the stimulus that they need! The classic triangle system of “Attack, Guard, Throw” has been refined considerably to make it more pronounced.

Evading is now a very high risk, high return action! The offensive and defensive properties of moves are now more pronounced. Character’s individual enhancements are also being implemented. For Akira, it’ll focus on “crushing single strike attacks”!

2. New Special Costumes!
Compared to the past costumes, players will be able to freely coordinate their costumes in a very new way! You can now coordinate all of the costume parts together without any restrictions! Of course, we’re also adding new items as well!

3. Single player mode gets a revamp with virtually
The Single Player Mode “Knockout Trial” gets an expansion! You can now choose your route through the mode freely, appealing to many different players.

4. Other
Graphical facelift: The game’s UI and stages will all get revamps to make them more appealing!

Ranking System: We’re going to eliminate your disatisfaction! Advanced players will be able to battle with more ferocity! Lower ranked fighters will be able to aim for higher ranks with more ease!

Fragment System: We’re going to eliminate your disatisfaction! The fragments will greatly decrease, and you’ll be able to fight in many more item/orb matches!

Item: Items will become easier to acquire than in the previous iteration. High quality item capsules will also be added to encourage more play!

Source: Versus City

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