Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Virtua Fighter vs Tekken - Here's what you said!

In the latest polls I asked "Would you buy a Tekken vs VF game?" and the votes are in. A whole bunch of you would buy the game without a second thought. Then there were a few who would like to keep the Tekken series away from VF. And last but not least there were a couple of you who would only buy the game if it was made by our own Sega AM2 team.

Yes in a heartbeat! - 40 Votes
Only if AM2 makes it - 14 Votes
Only if Namco makes it - 1 Vote
No keep your VF out my Tekken! - 1 Vote
No keep your Tekken out of my VF! - 22 Votes

Maybe we're all a bit biased?

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